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  Went to the summer heat, ray ban outlet sunglasses became the brightest star Master are street magic weapon of choice, both the sun and suction eye, but also has the effect of modified face. Dear are still etc. What, come and have a look N things you should know about the sunglasses!
  Hollywood is a major suit Sunglasses indispensable tool street, a retro trend this summer from the hybrid enhanced version of cyclone is sweeping every star Master wardrobe: Alexander Ambrosio ray ban outlet uk has been promoted to mummy, but reflective Sunglasses with navel vest show ghost horse character; Kate Bosworth black Ray-Ban Sunglasses cool lips with simple; Tyler Swift the red frame sunglasses, with retro charm; the Yellow Cat Eye Sunglasses hot summer fashion.
  Awl face Star: Fan Bingbing
  Editor comments: this standard star face of any style sunglasses are hold! But want to wear a range of children in Europe and America dear can choose Vitoria Beckham with a broad black gradient, all-match quite queen style
  Baby face Star: Miranda ray ban cheap outlet Kerr
  Editor comments: round baby face an increase in affinity but also made no small difficulty to want to go the route are mature dear, wish to learn the D shape wear sunglasses, hot color box package of Look plus retro style, make you a second Master turned fashion!
  Square face Star: Paris Hilton
  Edit comment: if you think a square face should wear a round mirror and the sun is a tragedy, because this will only make your face look even more! Miss Paris Hilton: have ray ban outlet store a look the square with rounded corners, the gradient effect from visual balance the face edges and corners.
  Long face Star: Allison Chang
  Editor comments: many stars of Europe and the United States is such a face, which is why they love to wear a broad brimmed glasses out of reason. Ariza Chang is a retro practitioner, Lennon round glasses was perfect for her.
  The daily care of sunglasses
  The daily care of sunglasses is not complicated, usually with special glasses cloth, glasses when necessary nursing liquid to clean the surface clean with a clean towel, gently until absorbed ray ban outlet sale by suction, water droplets.
  Usually do not directly carry on the bag, so as not to scratch the surface, should put on protective cover, put on the glasses box; in addition, like the note of sunglasses worn on the head of the dear them indoors, so will hold great legs.