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He admitted that he was worried about the lack of match sharpness, and said:. "Yes, but this is like a cow is an expression of a truth that the Netherlands - which means real madrid jersey 2015 a rhetorical question you already know the answer."

Van Gaal said the vice-captain Michael Carrick could be out two weeks, to explain clearly the other injuries: "Blind foot or ankle Rojo is closing Jones real madrid jersey cheap is on foot or ankle."

Chelsea face high US division teams, who often live seven players who are six feet or one more.

"When you see our selection, our height is not high enough," Van Gaal said. "We are at the height of the big score behind. When you speak of a basketball coach, for example, one or two centimeters is cheap real madrid jerseys very important.

"In football, it is the same, because when you see the statistics, all the team scoring the goal is the third or fourth from the set of the drama, then the height is very important."

The United States has opposed the Wholesale real madrid jersey top seven sides in the former boss David Moyes poor record last season, but according to Van Gaal must be an excellent one.

"This is because we now have the game, we have to play better team theory," Van Gaal said. "But when the better team came in the early stages real madrid wholesale soccer jerseys of our process, then we will lose."

I would pair McNair with Smalling. Shaw at leftback. I guess no choice but Herrera and Fellaini as a pivot (just need to do a lot of tracking back). I wonder if Van Gaal will either drop mata into midfield to get Di Maria into the team or will he play Rooney in midfield and start Falcao. I prefer the latter.