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The spring of 1985, the United States hundreds of millions of nike free 4.0 womens TV viewers saw an ad like this: a basketball court rolls to an end quickly, waiting for a handsome guy in there easily by wearing colored sneakers hook the ball into the feet hands, start the ball moving, at the same time, the engine came harsh engine noise, the roar of the engine getting louder and louder, the young man followed soar. The last 10 seconds of advertising is Jordan's "Walk in the Clouds", even though the audience had never seen a basketball game, also lamented in his superb skills. This ad is not only proof of Jordan has a special ability to fly, also hinted at his feet the shoes and this is also necessarily linked. In this ad, that magical guy is the famous NBA sports star Michael Jordan, his feet a pair of sneakers is the famous brand "Nike." Before retirement, Jordan nike free 4.0 women: "Phil Knight and Nike to turn me into a fantasy figure." This is inside the Knight is the "Nike" founder, he put a small company into a large Group, the once unknown superstar Michael Jordan pushed to the position.

1938 athletes fail, an ordinary boy born in the United nike 4.0 free States, and then, like most of their peers, he likes sports, playing basketball, baseball, running, his name is Phil Knight, as a general common The young man Adidas, Puma brand is very familiar with this kind of sports, but the unexpected is, is this extraordinary young man, after creating a new brand - Nike, Adidas dominance even more than in the sports field .womens nike free 4.0 Knight has always loved sports, his high school paper almost entirely with sports-related, even university also chose the headquarters of the US Track and Field - University of Oregon. Although Knight likes sports, but only a mediocre score 1 mile Runners, his worst score of 4 minutes 13 seconds, almost did not enter the ranks of world-class athletes (score of 4 points), and like him almost Too many people! But fortunately so, otherwise we would not see today a great entrepreneur. In Oregon, Knight met his lifelong mentor is his coach, women nike free 4.0 Bill Bowerman. Bowerman 1950s to break the world marathon record of consecutive, Eugene, Oregon, and thus also famous. He is extremely ambitious man, bent to make their sports teams than any other team. Training and competition, the athlete's foot disease is most commonly committed, Bowerman he wanted to design a shoe, the bottom light and sound support, small friction and stability, thus reducing athletes foot pain, get a good result.